Energía renovable para todos.

Installers of solar panels in Alicante and Murcia

Grupo SIA, Solar panel installations in Alicante and Murcia. Experts in photovoltaic energy consumption systems and electric car chargers, with more than two decades of experience in the renewable energy sector.

Solar energy adapted to your needs

Installation from € 4.100

We adapt the installation to your needs and we offer you the best price.

Only 70€/month

We finance the entire installation so that for less than € 3 a day you have your own solar panels.

Instllation from €3.200

We adapt the installation to your needs and we offer you the best price.

Energía solar adaptada a tus necesidades

Sólo 70€/mes

Te financiamos toda la instalación para que por menos de 3€ al día dispongas de tus propios  paneles solares.

Instalación desde 3.600€

Adaptamos la instalación a tus necesidades y te ofrecemos el mejor precio.

Do you want to save up to 65% on your electricity bill?

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Types of installations designed for you

Photovoltaic Installation in Houses or Private Homes

Photovoltaic installation in country houses

Photovoltaic installation in buildings and resident communities

Photovoltaic installation for drip irrigation

Installation of solar panels in parking

Photovoltaic Pergolas

Car charger installation for all the models and brands

We take care of the technical installation of the entire infrastructure, either in private or community garages, with the corresponding permits.

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